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What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a little text file of your browsing information on your computer or mobile device. It is saved by the website when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences such as login, language, font size and other display preferences over a period of time, so you can come back to the site or browse from one page to another whenever you want without facing any hassle. 

How We Use Cookies: At SMMSEM, we use cookies to make your experience better. When you visit our site, we store a small piece of data on your computer. This helps us keep track of your preferences and customizations so that we can provide you with a consistent experience every time you visit our site. We also use cookies to help us understand how people use our site so that we can improve the user experience. Thank you for choosing SMMSEM!

Purpose Of Using Cookies: The main purpose of using cookies is to track their performance and preferences  Most browsers support cookies, but users can set their browsers to decline them and can delete them whenever they like. Cookies are used for different purposes: 

  • - authenticating, identifying and maintaining session variables for logged-in users; 
  • - storing information related to a user inputted data on forms; 
  • - personalizing content and ads based on user browser behaviour, past searches and visits; 
  • - analyzing website usage statistics; and 
  • - detecting click fraud and other malicious activity.

Disabling Cookies: So you've decided to disable cookies on your browser, or at least limit their use. Before that, you should know about some things. First, cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on your computer. They're used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping you logged in to your account or remembering your preferences. Second, by disabling cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of all the features on a website. For example, you may not be able to log in to your account or access certain areas of the site. Finally, some cookies are essential for the proper functioning of a website. Disabling these cookies may cause the site to malfunction. So if you're going to disable cookies, be sure to only do so for sites that you don't mind not being able to use to their full potential.

The Cookies We Set: 

# Account-related cookies: We use cookies to help improve your experience on our website. By continuing to browse this site, you are giving your consent to use those cookies for us. If you do not wish to accept cookies from us, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Please note that if you disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our website. Account-related cookies are used to store information about your account and help us provide a better experience when you use our website. For example, these cookies allow us to remember your username and password so that you don't have to enter them each time you visit our site. We also use account-related cookies to help keep your account secure and prevent fraud. If you have any questions about our use of cookies, please contact us. Thanks for understanding!

# Login-related cookies: We use cookies when you log in to our site. This is to help us verify your identity and provide you with a better user experience. They are used to distinguish you from other users of our site, and they allow us to remember your preferences and improve your user experience. You can disable cookies in your web browser, but this may prevent you from being able to log in or use certain features of our site.

# Email newsletters-related cookies: As you may know, we send out email newsletters to our subscribers on a regular basis. These newsletters often include information about new products, special offers, and other updates from our company.

We want to let you know that we take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information. That's why we've updated our Privacy Policy to include information about how we use cookies when you interact with our website and email newsletter.

You can find our Privacy Policy here: [LINK].

# Orders processing-related cookies: We make use of cookies on our site to help enhance your experience and complete orders. When you continue browsing our website, you are agreeing to the acceptance of the use of our cookies. For more details on our cookie policy, read our Privacy Policy. Thanks for understanding!

# Surveys-related cookies: Cookies are used to help enhance your experience while browsing our website. If you continue to browse our site, you consent to the usage of cookies. We might also gather information through surveys. Responses to surveys are completely voluntary and you are able to choose to opt out of future surveys at any time. If you opt not to take part in any survey, we may not be capable of providing you with the complete experience on our website. For more details about our cookies policy, read our Privacy Statement.

# Site preferences cookies: Cookies are used to customize advertisements and content, offer social media features, and track our website's usage. We also provide information regarding your usage of our site with our advertising, social media and analytics partners. They may mix it with other data you've shared with them or have gathered through your use of their products. We will accept cookies by continuing to browse our site.

# Strictly necessary cookies: Cookies are utilized on our site. Certain of these cookies are necessary and others help us enhance your experience by giving information about how the site is utilized. We only make use of cookies that are essential to run our website. They are necessary to allow users to move around on the site and access the site's features. Without cookies, we wouldn't be able to offer certain features or services on our website.

We utilize a range of different kinds of cookies on our website. Certain of them are set by third-party companies like Google Analytics. The data collected through these cookies could be used to improve our site as well as your experience using it.

If you do not wish for us to make use of cookies every time you visit our website You can modify your cookie preferences at any time. The majority of web browsers automatically accept cookies, however, you can typically alter your browser's settings to block all cookies, or to allow certain kinds of cookies. If you modify your cookie preferences it could affect the experience you have when using our site and certain features might not be accessible to users.

# Performance cookies: Cookies used for performance are used to gather information on the way you interact with our site. This helps us improve the way that our website operates and ensures that we offer you the most enjoyable online experience. The information we collect through performance cookies includes:

The pages that you frequently browse

The time you stay on each page

How did you arrive at our site

What you click when you're browsing our website.

The information collected is anonymous and utilized by us to improve our website and to enhance the services we provide. By visiting our site you consent that we are able to install these cookies on your computer.

# Functional cookies: We make use of functional cookies to enable features such as recalling items from the shopping cart. We also employ third-party advertising cookies to help us provide relevant advertisements and evaluate their effectiveness. You can alter your preferences for cookies at any time by clicking the "Cookie Preferences" link located at the end of the webpage. For more information, read our Privacy Policy. Thank you for shopping with us!

# Targeting cookies: Targeting cookies gather information about your browsing habits so that they can deliver relevant (advertising) information and recommendations to you. They are also employed to reduce the frequency you are exposed to ads and help determine how effective advertising efforts are. These cookies can be created by us or by third-party companies such as AdRoll which also gather information from you to use for their own purposes. You can opt-out of targeted advertisements from AdRoll by going to the Opt-Out website. For more information on how we utilize cookies and other technologies for tracking, please review the Cookie Policy. If you continue to browse our website, you are agreeing with our usage of cookies as well as other technology for tracking. Thank you for your cooperation!

# Third Party Cookies: Cookies are used by us to help improve the user experience on our site. Cookies from social media websites owned by third parties in the event that you visit a webpage with embedding content that is from social media. These cookies from third parties may monitor your usage of our site. We also utilize analytics cookies to collect unidentified information like the number of people who visit our site and how users interact on the website. This allows us to enhance the performance of our site. If you continue to browse our site you are indicating your consent to use cookies in accordance with the terms explained in the Cookie Policy.

Your rights: As a customer, it is your right to be entitled to know the details being collected on you and how it's being utilized. We're determined to be transparent about our policy on cookies. Cookies are used to help enhance your experience when using our website as well as to comprehend how our users use our website. We don't offer to sell or share the information we collect from you with third-party companies. If you have any concerns regarding our cookie policy we invite you to get in touch with us.

Security of your personal information: If you visit a site Cookies may be saved on your personal computer. Cookies are tiny text files used by websites to save information regarding your visit. The information stored in cookies can include things like your username preferences, as well as the pages that you've visited. Although cookies are useful to keep track of your internet activities, they may also present a security risk. If a website isn't well-designed, it could allow third-party websites to gain access to your cookies and gather the personal details of your visitors. To help secure your data check a website's privacy policies before providing any personal details. Be sure to know what the site intends to do with and make use of any information it receives from you. If you're not happy with the site's policy do not provide any personal details and search for another website. With a bit of care, you can help to protect yourself from security threats online.